Creates Smiles Around the World

Nothing goes better with a beautiful wine than a beautiful cause that allows children to smile again.

Senders Wines with a Cause does that exactly. One hundred percent of their profits support charities that help children with cleft lip and palate. Karen and Craig Senders call it, “Take a Sip and Save a Lip.” Craig began making wine in early 2000’s while living in Davis, California. Karen attributes world renowned UC Davisenology and viticulture school, living one hour from Napa, and a social circle  of wine connoisseurs, cooks and foodies for driving Craig’s passion. “We started turning the best fruit in the valley into wine,” said Karen. “After a few years of winning awards for our home winemaking, increasing demand for the wine and encouragement from     friends,  Senders Wines went commercial in 2005.”

The Cabernet Sauvignon is made Oakville Station Vineyard which surrounded by some amazing vineyards including Opus One, Martha’s and To Kalon. This hallowed soil produces small, slow to ripen grapes which creates intense but balanced wines. Our wines are intended to drink very well upon release and age gracefully.

Winemaker Craig Senders greatest passion is Pinot Noir. “Cabernet is like wine in a sweatshirt; The intensity of the grape covers up many nuanced flavors. Pinot Noir is like wine in a negligee; All the nuanced flavors show through” says the winemaker. The Pinot comes from grower Frances Mahoney in Carneros.

Their award-winning vintages have the flavor of giving, since Senders Wines donates all their profits to support surgical missions to repair cleft lips and palates in children in underserved communities and countries. “In a few weeks, Dr. Senders will be in Myanmar where over 70 children will receive new smiles and new lives,” said Karen. As the director of the UC Davis of Cleft and Craniofacial Team this will mark his  41st mission. It  will be followed by March and June surgical missions to the Philippines. Over 3000 children have received new smiles by the teams of surgeons, dentists and nurses from these missions.

“Senders Wines followers love the wines and the cause.” said Karen. “Many customers gift them because it’s fulfilling, like giving and receiving to the recipient.”

A flight attendant for Continental airlines, followed by a director for March of Dimes Karen currently loves everything about wine. “I love the history, art, food pairings, friendships, and mood enhancement!” said Karen. “Craig loves the challenge that the Pinot Noir grape gives him. He agrees with the movie Sideways, “the pinot noir grape is the most finicky, complicated, needing constant care and nurturing to be coaxed to its fullest expression.”

With occasional tastings by appointment at their home and winery in Davis, their primary tasting room is in downtown Napa at Feast It Forward. Their wines range from$26 to $100.


Visit them online at or at Taste it Forward, located at 1031 McKinstry Street


Article By: Charleen Earley