Photos Courtesy of The George

The Birth of Napa’s Newest Luxury Inn

Known as the most handsome house in town, The George began its journey to become one of downtown Napa’s most beautiful luxury inns when Patty Theodorides and her daughter and son, Kiki Theodorides and George Theodorides, acquired the property in 2016. Originally built in 1891 as the George Goodman Jr. mansion, it was one of the most elegant residences of its time. Over the past 120 years, the property was repurposed into several iterations and is now reimagined into a nine-room luxury boutique inn that captures a 21st-century balance of contemporary elegance with stylish grandeur.

“When we acquired the property in 2016, it was in extreme disrepair and, for the most part, unlivable. We had considered a few options for the renovation but ultimately agreed that a boutique inn would be the best way to showcase such an iconic historic property,” said Patty. And that’s where The George’s journey began.

The renovation process was long and arduous, but the Theodorides found they enjoyed the interior design work. With no formal training, they leveraged their careers working in and around the luxury real estate business to create the design concept. “There were a few design aspects that were unanimously non-negotiable for The George,” explained Kiki. “First, we wanted to stay true to the historic feeling of the property, second, we didn’t want it to feel dated, and most importantly, we wanted our guests to feel an impact upon arrival from the approach to the residence, through the entrance, and ultimately in every guest room, our trifecta of wow factor.”

Local designers helped to bring The George to life. “Every member of our design team shared our vision of maintaining the integrity of the house and restoring as much original detailing as possible,” said Kiki. Upon entering the property, guests are surrounded by clean and contemporary white walls, original braided inlay hardwood floors, ornate woodwork on the grand staircase, and twin iron cage crystal chandeliers overhead. The woodwork on both fireplaces in the common areas was preserved and restored, and all guest rooms boast the original wavy lead glass windows, and high ceilings wrapped with beautiful crown molding. Original to the property are four 80-foot palm trees. When illuminated at night, they showcase the massive canopy of leaves, which set a magnificent frame around the ornate Queen Ann Victorian.

There are contemporary upgrades as well, including an open-concept demonstration kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and Carrera quartz countertops, heated bathroom flooring, luxurious modern designer fabrics, Matouk towels and linens, and stunning peacock mural painted by local Italian artist Fabio Sanzogni.

These contributions present the perfect juxtaposition of contemporary elegance with historic charm. “As a Greek family-owned and operated business, our mission is to have every guest experience the feeling of ‘philoxenia,’ a Greek word that translates to ‘friend of a stranger.’ It is the sense of responsibility for making another person feel at home through generosity and courtesy; our main virtue at The George,” Patty explained. The combination of all these aspects has created a simple yet significant atmosphere.